Friday, 28 January 2011

Sleeping Beauty pop-up book: A collaboration with the wonderful illustrator Sophie Jamieson

These are my costume designs for a production of Sleeping Beauty, inspired by the oldness of fairytales. The beautiful backgrounds are by Sophie Jamieson.

Scene 1: a prince meets an old peasant woman who tells him the story of the Sleeping Beauty.

Scene 2: The King and Queen hold a great ceremony to celebrate the birth of their daughter, Briar Rose. All the fairies give the baby one gift, including the wicked fairy Carabosse.

Scene 3: The King and Queen watch as all the spinning wheels in their kingdom are burned. 

Scene 4: 16 years later, Briar Rose finds an old woman spinning in one of the high turrets of the castle. She pricks her finger and the enchantment takes hold. 

Scene 5: The King and Queen, who had gone to buy Briar Rose a wonderful gift, return to find the entire castle fast asleep. Luckily, the youngest fairy arrives, putting them to sleep too.

Scene 6: A hundred years later, our Prince finds his way to the castle to wake Briar Rose and the castle celebrates the Royal Wedding.

Full view of the pop-up book.

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