Saturday, 7 July 2012

A present to myself

I made a dress! 

For the first wedding I've been to since I was about 8.
It's backless down to the waist, I'll have to take another photo at some point. 

Private Commission - Dress for Kate

This floor length dress was a private commission for the lovely Miss Stirling. It's digitally printed cotton with a silk satin lining. It has a really nice open back right down to the waist and the skirt is split to the knee. I love it.

And here she is in the finished piece! 
I'm so pleased, it looks gorgeous on her.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Burlesque costume for the lovely Bella Fable

Bella Fable's burlesque storytelling at Proud Cabaret: 
1930s-inspired swimsuit and knickers. Swit-swoo!

Photographs by Tigz Rice Studio, bustle by Sally Higginson.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Monday, 13 June 2011

Life Drawings

For any sales please contact me at

Mixed media on paper

Oil pastel and marker on paper

Mixed media on paper

Mixed media on paper

Gouache and ink on paper

Pencil, oil pastel and gouache on paper

Pencil, oil pastel and gouache on paper

Mixed media and collage on cardboard

Mixed media and collage on cardboard

Pencil and gouache on paper

Mixed media and collage on paper

Oil bar on paper.

Costume design illustrations for 'The Unicorn' (novel by Iris Murdoch)

Originals and prints for sale.
Please contact me for sales at

Marian Taylor and Alice Lejour

Max Lejour and a maid from the Riders household

Philip Lejour

Hannah Crean-Smith and Jamesie Evercreech

Effingham Cooper

Violet Evercreech

A maid from the Gaze household

Gerald Scottow's mother and a local man at the beach

Gerald Scottow carrying Hannah Crean-Smith

Denis Nolan

Photoshoot with Kathryn McKeane

For finished photos, visit my website 

Photographer Kathryn McKeane, model Chris O'Reilly and Textile Designer Samantha Williamson.

Amazing photoshoot with Timea Porubszky

To see the finished photos, visit my website:

Hair stylist, Kay McGregor, getting model, Tanya Pasfield, ready for the shoot

Photographer, Porubszky, found the perfect location for the shoot, at Preston Mill

Models, Tanya Pasfield and Caitlin Curran, with photographer, Timea Porubszky, and stylist/assistant, Karla von Denkoff. (Make up by MUA)

My own photos (not as good as Porubszky's!)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

We were in the paper!

Some of my class's costumes featured in The Scotsman (April 13th 2011). Go us!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Hurray, an almost-finished costume!

Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty
press call photoshoot
Modeled by the lovely Loren Owen

Friday, 8 April 2011

fabric experiment success! whoop!

well I'm excited, anyway...

linen and emulsion lace stencil

Friday, 28 January 2011

Sleeping Beauty pop-up book: A collaboration with the wonderful illustrator Sophie Jamieson

These are my costume designs for a production of Sleeping Beauty, inspired by the oldness of fairytales. The beautiful backgrounds are by Sophie Jamieson.

Scene 1: a prince meets an old peasant woman who tells him the story of the Sleeping Beauty.

Scene 2: The King and Queen hold a great ceremony to celebrate the birth of their daughter, Briar Rose. All the fairies give the baby one gift, including the wicked fairy Carabosse.

Scene 3: The King and Queen watch as all the spinning wheels in their kingdom are burned. 

Scene 4: 16 years later, Briar Rose finds an old woman spinning in one of the high turrets of the castle. She pricks her finger and the enchantment takes hold. 

Scene 5: The King and Queen, who had gone to buy Briar Rose a wonderful gift, return to find the entire castle fast asleep. Luckily, the youngest fairy arrives, putting them to sleep too.

Scene 6: A hundred years later, our Prince finds his way to the castle to wake Briar Rose and the castle celebrates the Royal Wedding.

Full view of the pop-up book.